Gliding Eagle System

Our cloud based data system tracks each product unit from the source to the end-user around the world. Each step is recorded to ensure product authenticity and channel accountability.

1 System, 3 Products

Gliding Eagle System

1. Eagle View

2. Eagle Verify

3. Eagle Scan

Gliding Eagle Label

Each product is labeled and uniquely identified with a 12-digit code.

1Eagle View

For Wineries

It enables our winery clients to easily see the revenue, volume, and each logistical step in International DTC Channel for their products.

2Eagle Verify

For Consumers

Consumers can learn everything about the producer, brand, and product.

Track this product unit from the producer to the consumer anywhere in the world.

Easy customer feedback and support with just a tap on the phone.

Scan with your mobile phone to experience!

3Eagle Scan

For Partners

It enables our team and our partners to easily upload data in the global supply chain, using their mobile phones.

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