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Cross-Border Wine Delivery

Our growing partnerships include over 180 premier California wineries, who are happy to use our services to deliver wines to customers in the following countries and regions. Each bottle is tracked by our technology to ensure authenticity.

Global Destinations Estimated Delivery TimesFrom our warehouse to consumer's doorstep
Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, England, Scotland, Wales 3-9 days
Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Macau, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, S. Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Tiurks & Caicos, U.S. Virgin Islands 5-9 days
Canada 10-26 days
Mainland China 10-26 days

Our Services

You don’t have to worry!


We take care of all export declaration and import clearance paperwork, and pre-pay Customs duties whenever possible.


We partner with FedEx to ship via International Priority Air. Each bottle is packed in special-designed and sealed boxes, and is fully insured.

Wine Package Drop Test


We are a technology company at heart. Our unique mobile-enabled system ensures authenticity by tracking each bottle from the winery to the end consumer.

Although other companies will deliver wine purchases to some International clients, no one else provides all of the services that Gliding Eagle supports in one bundled price.

Services Offered Gliding Eagle Comp A Comp B Comp C
Priority Air Service
Import/Export Filings
Customs Clearance
Full Insurance
Payment of Duties/Taxes
Authentication Technology
Translation Services
Native Language Customer Service
Website Available within China


bottles of premium wine
safely Tracked and Delivered


breakage/loss rate.
Industry average is ~2.5%.

How it works

1 1

Either winery or consumer place an order to us, using Intl DTC App or contacting us.

2 2

We pickup the wines within Napa and Sonoma areas.

3 3

We label, pack, file paperwork and ship: At our Napa warehouse, we inspect each bottle and apply a unique Authenticity Label, and pack in special shipping boxes for FedEx Air.

4 4

Delivered to the consumer's doorstep in the destination country. It is super easy since they have no paperwork to file.

Simple Pricing

Getting wines delivered direct to consumers internationally is not easy. More than just shipping, the wineries and consumers have to worry about many things. We are here to help. We take care of the entire 7-step process, and our Full Service Price includes all fees and duties paid.

So you don't have to worry. It is that simple.

6Each bottle is tracked every step by our mobile system to ensure authenticity.

7Each bottle is shipped in specially designed packaging and is fully insured.

*Need to send commercial samples internationally? We're here to help!

6 Pack Price
$50 Btl Value
Gliding Eagle Priority Air FedEx Std Rate Comp A Comp B Comp C
Hong Kong $150 $315 $273 $205 $188
Japan $180 $315 $189 $160 $262
Singapore $300 $315 $273 $210 $300
Taiwan $300 $315 $300
Mainland China *

*Gliding Eagle is the ONLY company in Napa that offers Direct-To-Consumer delivery service to clients in Mainland China, with each bottle authenticated and tracked. Chinese customs clearance is an ever-evolving process so please call us at +1-888-454-2879 for more information on delivery timetables and pricing.

Two Payment Scenarios


Consumers pay wineries first, then wineries pay us.


Consumer directly pay us using credit card.